Posted March 15, 2013

Bracket Watch: As Championship Week Heads Into The Homestretch, Seeding Shifts

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Can Tennessee make its case for a tournament berth on Selection Sunday? (Wade Payne/AP)

Can Tennessee make its case for a tournament berth on Selection Sunday? (Wade Payne/AP)

It’s Friday of championship week and we still haven’t had any changes to the actual field of 68. Teams have moved up or down a bit on the seed list, but no one has moved in or out of the bracket yet. That could change today as we finally hit a series of big bubble games in multiple conferences. Those sitting in the clubhouse and waiting will have to hold their breath through another couple days of games and then see where the dust settles.

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2013 NCAA Tournament Bracket

EAST (Washington, D.C.) MIDWEST (Indianapolis)
Philadelphia Dayton
1. Duke 1. Indiana* (Big Ten)
16. Liberty * (Big South)/Morgan State* (MEAC) 16. Southern* (SWAC)/ LIU Brooklyn* (Northeast)
8. Missouri 8. North Carolina State
9. San Diego State 9. Oregon
San Jose Kansas City
5. Syracuse 5. Saint Louis* (Atlantic 10)
12. Belmont* (Ohio Valley) 12. Saint Mary’s/Tennessee
4. Oklahoma State 4. Marquette
13. South Dakota State* (Summit) 13. Akron* (MAC)
Austin Dayton
6. Colorado State 6. Pittsburgh
11. Cincinnati 11. California
3. Florida* (SEC) 3. Ohio State
14. New Mexico State* (WAC) 14. Iona* (MAAC)
Auburn Hills Kansas City
7. Memphis* (Conference USA) 7. UNLV
10. Villanova 10. Temple
2. Michigan 2. Kansas* (Big 12)
15. Vermont* (America East) 15. Montana* (Big Sky)
SOUTH (Arlington, TX) WEST (Los Angeles)
Lexington Salt Lake City
1. Louisville* (Big East) 1. Gonzaga* (West Coast)
16. James Madison* (Colonial) 16. Western Kentucky* (Sun Belt)
8. Illinois 8. North Carolina
9. Wichita State 9. Iowa State
Austin San Jose
5. UCLA* (Pac-12) 5. Wisconsin
12. La Salle/Kentucky 12. Bucknell* (Patriot)
4. Kansas State 4. Arizona
13. Davidson* (SoCon) 13. Valparaiso* (Horizon)
Auburn Hills Salt Lake City
6. VCU 6. Creighton* (Missouri Valley)
11. Boise State 11. Oklahoma
3. Michigan State 3. New Mexico* (Mountain West)
14. Harvard* (Ivy) 14. Stephen F. Austin* (Southland)
Philadelphia Lexington
7. Notre Dame 7. Butler
10. Colorado 10. Minnesota
2. Miami (Fla.)* (ACC) 2. Georgetown
15. Long Beach State* (Big West) 15. Florida Gulf Coast* (Atlantic Sun)

*Designated auto-bid winners from each conference. Auto bids are determined by team with the best RPI of those with the fewest league losses.

Last four in: Tennessee, La Salle, Saint Mary’s, Kentucky
Last four out: Virginia, Middle Tennessee State, Iowa, Mississippi

New at-large teams in: None
Old at-large teams out: None

Bids by conference: Big East (8); Big Ten (7); Pac-12, Mountain West, Big 12 and Atlantic 10 (5); ACC, SEC (4); Missouri Valley and West Coast (2)


this is why people hate duke. do not win league title? that's ok we are duke give us the # 1 seed anyway. do not win league tourney? that's ok we are duke give us the #1 seed!


After today's results.  Overall #1 Seed, Gonzaga followed by Indiana, Miami and Syracuse.


Watching these big 10 games I don't see any of them making it out of the 2nd round. 


michigan is 5-6 over the past 11-games, a crap sos and they can't play defense.  glockner, you're an idiot for putting them as a 2-seed.  do everyone a favor and go cover a different know nothing about this one. 


So the asterisk next to UCLA's name implies it will win tonight against Arizona and be Pac-12 regular season and Pac-12 tourney champions.  In doing so, Arizona will have lost 3 of its last 5 games, including 2 against UCLA.  Yet Arizona will get a higher seed and the West Region, despite having a similar/worse record and same SOS.  Uh....what?


Brian78...i was probably a little too hard on glock as these bracket projections really are pretty tough to do.  that said, michigan hasn't shown any improvement on "d" and come time for the dance that's the music that allows teams to move on.  he's had them @2 for each projection and they are a 4-seed at best.  they'll win a run-and-gun game or two, but the teams that play inside-out will wax the badgers did today.