Posted January 09, 2014

Oral Roberts forfeits two basketball games for rules snafu

NCAA, Oral Roberts, Southland Conference
Scott Sutton

Scott Sutton’s Oral Roberts squad will be starting the Southland season at a disadvantage. (Peter G. Aiken/Getty)

Oral Roberts will lose two forthcoming Southland Conference basketball games. We know this because Oral Roberts has decided it, thanks to a rules snafu related to its schedule. The school unwittingly violated an NCAA rule regarding how many non-Division I teams a program may play in a year, leading to future forfeits against Abilene Christian and Incarnate Word.

Already this season, Oral Roberts played four games against non-Division I teams: exhibitions against Northwood (Texas) and Rogers State (Okla.) and then regular-season games against Cameron (Okla.) and Dallas Baptist.

Per NCAA bylaw, that’s the maximum allowable for an academic year.

Abilene Christian and Incarnate Word, meanwhile, are transitioning from Division II and into the Southland Conference, but do not count as Division I programs for the 2013-14 season. Every Southland Conference school plays them this year, and every Southland Conference school was supposed to adjust their schedule accordingly.

Oral Roberts did not. As such, it forfeits the games. According to a release from the school, the forfeits will “be utilized in the seeding process for the 2014 Southland Men’s Basketball Tournament and will be documented in the conference historical records.”

“When the 2013-14 men’s basketball schedule was created, we thought that exhibition games against non-Division I opponents were exempt from the four-game limit,” the school’s official statement read. “Our men’s basketball program put together its schedule for 2013-14. The schedule went through the standard athletic department approval process that includes several administrators, and unfortunately, the discrepancy was not discovered.”


never heard of rule.

fred j
fred j

Perhaps if someone at ORU lays hands on the schedule and prays really loud.....

This is incredible stupidity which says volumes about the Oral Roberts athletic department's professionalism.

Look, it isn't a complicated rule.  No one else in the Southland has had that problem.  How does playing that many D-IIs help a D-I team become more competitive, anyway?  (Not to the author: Dallas Baptist is D-I At least it is in every other sport.)

But, hey, ORU has found the solution:  Next year, they're moving from a D-I conference (the Southland) back to a D-II conference masquerading as a D-I conference (the Summit).  

No problem.  Just a case of being in over their hands. 


Nice to see a program take the high road, unlike some other programs (ahem, Kentucky)