Posted February 03, 2014

Syracuse unanimous No. 1 in AP poll, Arizona falls just one spot to No. 2

Arizona, Cincinnati Bearcats, Florida, Kansas, Michigan, Michigan State Spartans, San Diego State, Syracuse Orange, Villanova, Wichita State
Tyler Ennis

Tyler Ennis has helped guide the Orange to a No. 1 ranking, including scoring 14 points and adding nine assists against Duke. (Rich Barnes/Getty)

After defeating Duke on Saturday night in an epic ACC showdown, and after Arizona fell to Cal, Syracuse has taken over the No. 1 spot in the AP poll.

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Syracuse received all 65 first-place votes from the panel after an eight-week run at No. 2. This is the third time Syracuse has been No. 1 in the past five seasons. Most recently, the Orange were ranked No. 1 in 2011-12.

Syracuse is one of two undefeated Division I teams remaining. Wichita State, the other, is ranked fourth behind Syracuse, No. 2 Arizona and No. 3 Florida. San Diego State is the final team in the top five. Villanova, Cincinnati, Kansas, Michigan State and Michigan round out the top 10.

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Below is the entire AP Top 25:

1. Syracuse (21-0)
2. Arizona (21-1)
3. Florida (19-2)
4. Wichita St. (23-0)
5. San Diego St. (19-1)
6. Villanova (19-2)
7. Cincinnati (21-2)
8. Kansas (16-5)
9. Michigan St. (19-3)
10. Michigan (16-5)
11. Duke (17-5)
12. Creighton (18-3)
13. Saint Louis (20-2)
14. Louisville (18-4)
15. Texas (17-4)
16. Iowa St. (16-4)
17. Iowa (17-5)
18. Kentucky (16-5)
19. Oklahoma St. (16-5)
20. Virginia (17-5)
21. Oklahoma (17-5)
22. UConn (17-4)
23. Gonzaga (20-3)
24. Memphis (16-5)
25. Pittsburgh (18-4)

Wisconsin Death Trip
Wisconsin Death Trip

Told everyone when Wisconsin was ranked #3 they were waaaaay over-rated. This is why I've stated you don't start ranking teams until you are half way through conference play. COMMON SENSE people. Now, where's my Green Bay Phoenix at? 


I'd really like to make some sort of case for my Buckeyes, but I live in the real world where they were very overrated early in the season. I think they might be #21-25-ish, maybe. Hard to say if they really are as bad as they've looked recently, or are just in a funk and the W over W snaps them out of it.


1. Syracuse

2. Wichita State

3. Florida

4. Arizona


6. Texas

7. Kansas

8. OK-State

9. Oklahoma

10. Creighton

11. Michigan State

12. Cincy

13. St. Louis

14. Duke

15. Nova

16. Michigan

17. Louisville

18. Iowa State

19. Virginia


21. LSU

22. Gonzaga

23. SMU

24. Pitt


And that's the Bottom Line..... Because the AP stinks!!!!!!!



Dang...  look at the Longhorns.  They are a bunch of scrappy kids.  Their big man gets crazy rebounds both offensive and defensive.....


Once again you folks at can't do simple things.. Arizona is 21-1 not 21-10.. sheesh.


No way, are you serious, Arizona only drops one spot. This is an outrage, what kind of mess is this! The AP Poll is a joke. OMGOSH................


@Wisconsin Death Trip So suddenly the rankings are accurate when teams have played half of their conference schedule?  That is your version of common sense?  Good one.


looks like the BIG conference isn't just overrated in FOOTBALL


@jlindley007  Why would they drop more than one spot? They've beaten San Diego State, Duke, Michigan, and they've been there for 8 straight weeks.  Florida has lost more than one game, its the right move


@jlindley007  Who would you put ahead of them? Maybe Wichita State if they played anything but a creampuff schedule.


@GregoryBryan @jlindley007I would feel that way if they had lost to say, Dor Syracuse, Kansas, Wichita State, but they didn't. They lost to unranked California, which just proves my theory that SDSU, Duke and Michigan, and Arizona whom lost as well are just a little overrated. (taking nothing away from Syracuses win this weekend. It was the Wrong move. The rankings should be about who is the best team now and Arizona probably wouldnt even beat TEXAS right now.

John H
John H

Some sarcasm radars aren't working today.